Sosialisasi Deteksi Dini Kangker Payudara pada Remaja Putri dengan SADARI

  • Anggrawati Wulandari STIKes Surya Mitra Husada Kediri
  • Indriana Budhi Giovani
  • Meliana Bianco Gomes
  • Losia Aulinda Hurulean
  • Widatul Jannah
Keywords: Knowledge, young women, BSE


Breast cancer is one of the frightening diseases for women. Although there is now the best treatment, but the fight against breast cancer does not always work. That's because the lack of attention from women in understanding breast cancer in order to avoid the attacks of breast cancer and how to do early detection In the delivery of materials the method used is the lecture method, question and answer, showing video, and discussion carefully about early detection of breast cancer. The results of the counseling we do is 85% participants understand what has been delivered and can practice it, and its benefits can provide this knowledge to others to be useful. So, the conclusion is that the counseling we did almost 100% meet the target and participants can practice themselves.
How to Cite
Wulandari, A., Giovani, I., Gomes, M., Hurulean, L., & Jannah, W. (2019). Sosialisasi Deteksi Dini Kangker Payudara pada Remaja Putri dengan SADARI. JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN HEALTH, 2(1), 10-12.